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Jerevan Trainstation

By 2. september 2017Ikke kategoriseret

I was in Jerevan, Armenia to discover this former sovietrepublic country together with a friend of mine. After a nice flight, a little bit less drive from the airport to the hotel and a terrible breakfast at our hotel we went out to see the capitol.

At the trainstation we were instructed not to take any pictures AT ALL, and this is like waving a red carpet in front of a spanish bull (to me, anyways).

The station it selv were quite empty, no trains, almost no passengeres, just the quard looking at me from approx. 5 meters distance. 

I was fascinated by the lines and the green color casting shadows on the wall, and did consider to risk a night in prison to get a photo of it, when to my luck my partner attracted the attention of the guard, and this lady came walking on the station and just stood there waiting in front of me.

I checked the guard, he was occupied by my friend asking questions, I did a quick calculation of risk and the quickly raised my Fuji X-T1 with a 14mm lens and snapped this picture in just a second.

The guard never saw it, and I left the station just after, nowing that I captured just what would be the highlight of Jerevan Trainstation.